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Embodiment Coach, Sacred Intimate, Educator, Researcher, and Pleasure Activist

What This Is


Ecstatic Life Path for Men offers life coaching using an embodied life perspective. I work with all self-identified men to examine their life experience, identify their goals and passions, and aim to achieve their most desired goals.

Unlike traditional coaching, embodied coaching involves recognizing the whole wisdom of the entire body.

Through a combination of meditative, contemplative, and body-based practices, men on the ecstatic embodiment path learn that seeking wisdom from the entire body (not just from the mind) often can lead to more fulfilling transformative and expansive life experiences.

For those on the ecstatic life path, life’s journey can shift dramatically away from accumulation of material abundance and towards embracing the profound joys of truly living.

Who I Am

I consider myself a guide to peaceful living and a teacher of following a soulful path for living in joy in the present moment.

I work as a sex educator, sex researcher, and life coach. However, I identify as a pleasure activist, an erotic warrior, a Tantrika, and a sacred intimate. My goal in supporting you as my client is to help you disengage from your mind and to help you learn more about the incredible power of healing that exists in your body.

Although my practice is primarily sought out by, and structured through the lens of, gay- or bisexual-identified men, I regularly work with energetic beings of all gender identities, persuasions and manifestations, be they cis, trans, or gender-expansive, straight, bisexual, gay, or questioning. I believe we are all experiencing the human condition in the same physical embodiment, and thus we can all learn from each other.

We are all started with, and are still essentially walking with, “the same parts.” However, I believe the Universe has gifted us with unique and diverse manifestations of those parts (physical, energetic, spiritual) that I believe add a “living, breathing, sacred kaleidoscope” to the human experience.


What I Believe

I believe that there is considerable wisdom in the body. Unfortunately ourupbringing, cultural constructs, and societal expectations discourage us from listening to our bodies and convince us to remain prisoners to our minds.

To live a more healthy life, one free of stress, tension, and frustration, we must work each moment to stay connected to our physical selves. To not only survive, but to thrive, I believe we must stay attuned to our own energies as well as those around us. As part of that covenant, I believe it is vital to honor what is natural and of this earth, and to focus on the present moment, as it is the only thing that truly exists.

I was raised in Roman Catholicism, and I owe much of who I am to my religion of origin. For me, there were many beautiful gifts, including ritual, discipline, structure, prayer, and contemplation. At this point of my life, my spiritual path is a unique blend of Buddhism, Tantric philosophy, and Zen perspectives, grounded in a Christian (albeit not specifically catholic) tradition.

I recognize and celebrate the gifts bestowed in us of pleasure, presence, and physical sensation, and I invite all expressions of humanity, as we are all reflections of our Creator, of our one true Source.

My Training and Experience

I have considerable training and experience with both the academic/ theoretical, as well applied esoteric and somatic practices that I believe are valuable to living an ecstatic life. I have knowledge in the areas of massage, erotic connection, kink and power dynamics, sacred sexuality, spirituality, energy healing, and life coaching. I also have considerable knowledge in sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual expressions, and sexual health and wellness.

I hold both a bachelors and masters degree, and I am pursuing my PhD in Human Sexuality from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. I was trained in the practice of sacred intimacy by the Body Electric School, where I also served as a coordinator for programs in Texas for almost 10 years.  I have received training in surrogate partner therapy (also known as “sex surrogacy” in some circles) through the Institute for Mind Body Therapy.  I am a graduate of Barbara Carrella’s Urban Tantra® Professional Certification Training Program and now serve on the Program Support Team for the program. I am also a certified trainer in Points of You, a visual-based coaching and training method and series of tools that help you to learn more about yourself in new and unexpected ways.

Most recently I was offered and accepted a Postdoctoral Research Fellow position with the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. I will be working for and with Professor B. Ethan Coston, principal investigator.

I will be working with Professor Coston and a team of researchers on the Sexual health, Erotic life, and pleasure eXperiencing (SEX) Project to learn as much as we possibly can about the pleasurable and positive aspects of sexuality. The five-year study aligns very closely with my own research on pleasure and sexuality. As a fellow I will continue to learn about all aspects of developing, conducting, and funding academic research that I began at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

I am a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) and the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS), and have delivered conference presentations on topics in the realm of eroticism, embodiment, somatic practices, and ecstatic living for these organizations as well as for others. Most recently, I achieved the credentials for accreditation as a certified Sexologist from the American College of Sexologists.

I thank you for exploring this information, and I look forward to working with you.

With profound gratitude,

Training and Certifications

"Andrés took the time in our consultation to fully understand my experiences, and struggles, my likes, and dislikes, in order help me, moving forward. I am a health care professional, and I feel he asked all of the necessary questions one might need in order to provide recommendations of services so that healing will take place. Thank you!"

B.B., May 2017

"Andrés is a very caring tender person. I know I can trust my total being to his care. He is brilliant and challenges me spiritually and intellectually. Truly a gift to those of us who have the privilege of working with him."

G.C., November 2016

"There is nothing to fear in a session with Andrés. He is so easy and comfortable to be around! Brilliant at analyzing situations and providing short easy solutions to them, he will help you leave the session at peace with yourself and the world."

Anonymous, October 2016

"It was an amazing hour. Andrés not only is a very handsome man, but does a great job. He never lost focus for one minute. A very intense and enjoyable session."

M.Y., November 2016

"There is nothing to fear in a session with Andrés. He is so easy and comfortable to be around! Brilliant at analyzing situations and providing short easy solutions to them, he will help you leave the session at peace with yourself and the world."

Anonymous, October 2016

"You definitely provide me with what I need! You are amazingly intuitive in providing a self-awareness never before so focused. I only regret I am not speaking with you on a daily basis! "

Anonymous, October 2016

"Andrés is very thoughtful and he goes above and beyond to make his clients feel comfortable and honor their intentions. I highly recommend him for those that are new to these explorations as he will provide an environment where you will feel safe to explore. "

K.A.L., September 2016

"I think what you’re doing is very important. I’m becoming a mental health educator. I teach lots of powerful skills but I think perhaps the most important one may be to love ourselves. What you are teaching fits very nicely with that; at least it certainly does in my own experience. "

Webinar Participant, Anonymous, September 2016

"This webinar was absolutely lovely. Andrés' voice is so beautiful! He is also a remarkable presenter - his personal sharing about his eros definition and the images were particularly striking. It went deep for me, I loved it. My thought at the time was what a wonderful 'fit' it is that Andrés is working in the field he is. My message to him is: "How I experienced you - i.e. being yourself - was a sensual and delicious touch of eros. Thank you!" "

Webinar Participant, Anonymous, September 2016

"It takes a lot to impress me, and I was SO impressed with your artful, serene, and very effective manner of presentation and teaching! I don’t think that there was even one person in the group who did not benefit from it! The poems were well chosen. I am grateful to have been a participant!"

K.B., Webinar Participant, September 2016

"It was scary to confront some of my fears and wants. Andrés made me feel so safe! I could never do it otherwise! "

D.Q., September 2016

"I had a very good experience with Andrés, and I felt very relaxed in his care. I enjoyed the time, and I would recommend others to see him."

B.H., August 2016

"This was a most rewarding experience and one that I did not expect."

E.T., July 2016

My experience with Andrés was powerful and unique. He is skilled, friendly, and knowledgeable in his practice. I felt like he put everything he had into our session and was completely present throughout the 90 minutes. I left satisfied and peaceful. I will schedule another appointment when I am back in town.

D.M., May 2016

"I enjoyed the session very much. I always feel very relaxed afterward. It is a very safe environment where you can try new things."

F.C., April 2016

"AWESOME! Do not even begin to describe how I felt after the session. Highly recommended. :

J.M., January 2017

"My experience with Andrés was awesome! I entered with a quest for knowledge to enhance my intimate relationship with myself and my partner. Not only did Andrés have what I was looking for (including tools for me to explore on my own), his unique, personal insight was just what I needed. "

S.S., September 2017

"I’ve been thinking so much about the wonderful webinar you did. It was very useful to me…You have helped bring my practice to a new level, and you’ve brought new joy and enthusiasm into my life. Thank you very much for your inspiration and encouragement!"

G.J., June 2017

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