We are living in unique times. Institutions are transforming, people are rising up in both words and actions, and the uncertainty of change is in the air.With so much happening to make us fearful and shrink from our power, it can be helpful to find ways to live in a place of power.

In this conversation, life coach and Body Electric School faculty member Dave Allen shares some thoughts about about how you can stay true to your essence and weather the chaos around us. Bring all your emotions, observations, and curiosity. With so much happening to make us fearful and shrink from our power, hopefully, you can take away some ideas about how you can find and live in a place of power.

Dave Allen is a life coach and a body coach. He believes his life work is to assist men to find success, fulfillment and the ability to live connected, rich, powerful and pleasurable lives, with a special emphasis on their erotic lives.  As a coach, mentor, trainer and workshop facilitator, he honors his beliefs and his values of curiosity, practice, connection, eroticism and synergy in his work.  Dave’s inspiration comes from many traditions including power dynamics, mysticism, Tantra, various spiritual paths including Christianity and Native American spirituality. Learn more about Dave at www.coach4men.com.

Founded in 1984, the Body Electric School has been an innovative leader in fostering the experiential integration of sexuality and spirituality. The school create safe group spaces where individuals are free to connect with their bodies without judgment, speak their true voice, and experience touch and movement from a vital and welcoming heart-based space. The school offers weekend, extended weekend, and week-long workshops and programs in the United States and in other countries. Learn more at www.thebodyelectricschool.com. 
Photo by Lopez Robin on Unsplash