(ADULT) If there is one sex tip that I would give every gay man who is open to anal sex, either as a top, as a bottom, or as versatile stud, it would be…do your daily kegel and pelvic floor workouts!
These exercises, when done regularly, will strengthen the muscles you use when fucking. You will become more aware of those parts of your body when you fuck. If you slow down, focus on flexing those muscles, and pay attention to the pleasure, you are likely to have an experience that will lead to incredible orgasms, both through your cock (ejaculation), or in your ass (anal orgasms).
It’s easy to exercise these muscles. First focus on the muscles you use to start and stop urinating or peeing. Squeeze and release those muscles, in multiple repetitions. As you strengthen those muscles, you will eventually be able to make your cock and testicles bounce.
Next, focus on the muscles you use when you poop (defecate). Squeeze and release those pelvic floor muscles as if you are trying to relieve yourself. You should feel a tightening and releasing of your abdominal muscles, a tightening and releasing of your external sphincter (the muscle that feels like a cock ring at the entrance to your anus), and a “puckering” sensation of your anus (make it talk!).
Although at first it may be difficult to tell the difference between the two exercises, you will eventually be able to distinguish between the two exercises.
Now, the best part!
When you get ready to enjoy booty love, grab your fuck buddy or partner and agree to go slow. Whether you are the top or the bottom, resist the urge to immediately connect and fall into the “pattern of pounding.” Go slowly and relax into your breathing. Once you have connected, stop, focus on what that feels like, and practice flexing the muscles you have been exercising. You will instinctually know which muscles to flex based on your role. If you stay connected and patient, you will gradually sense the pleasure in the subtlety of these sensations, which will energize you to fall into the flow.
Now, go work out, and go have some incredible sex!
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This article was originally written for publishing on Himeros.TV, a project of Davey Wavey, Digital Storyteller.
Photo by Tomas Sobek on Unsplash.