This is a 60 minute morning meditation. The basic sequence is as follows:
1. Begin in a comfortable meditative state. Spend the first 5 minutes after the tingshas in silence.
2. The music will begin gradually. As it does, slowly begin movement. Light touch, stretching, and conscious movement are good ways to “sink in” to the music.
3. If you are too distracted by figuring out what you are doing, close your eyes. Pay attention to your body; it will tell you what needs to be moved, and how.
4. Let go of thoughts of any movement, positions, or actions being “silly;” this is a sacred ritual. Nothing is judged, nothing is expected. Turn yourself over.
5. As the music progresses, gradually increase your movement/actions, dance even. Feel the music in your body, and follow the rhythms and your intuition and instinct to turn yourself over to the flow.
6. Gradually the music will shift again to a slower pace. Consider movement on the floor, sitting, or laying down; light stretching perhaps. Ground your energy.
7. Complete the ritual in a meditative state, ceasing movement, and paying attention to your body.
8. At the conclusion of the tingshas, open your eyes if you haven’t already. Conclude with a short prayer or inspiration for the day.