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Hello! I’m Andrés, MBA, ACS, PhD Candidate

MBA; PhD Candidate, Human Sexuality; Certified Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

Sexual expression, sexual orientation, and gender identity are difficult to navigate without cultural and societal pressures challenging who you are and love. Knowledge, guidance, and support can help you break through those barriers. Together we can find the way.

My Expertise

Sexual performance, including ED or PE

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Often sexual performance is hindered not by issues related to your physical body, but instead to issues related to your mind and spirit. I can guide you through practices and exercises to help reframe arousal and potentially bring you back to the level of performance you seek within yourself.

Struggling with your attractions or your gender identity

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Our identity often lies in a spectrum, and very few of us fall completely into a simple category or description. Understanding that you are different, exploring how that is defined in your world, and finding that identity that you can most fully embrace (or, recognizing you do not fit anyone’s definition of an identity) is key to a life of greater joy and fulfillment. Together we can explore what that means for you.

Gaining confidence and getting what you want

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Few recognize the potency of your eroticism as a fundamental component of claiming your power and motivation to achieve your goals and reach accomplishments in your life. Using this lens of eros, I can help guide you to understanding how eros can serve as that element that brings you closer to fulfillment and making the most of your opportunities.

Negotiating your needs in sexual relationships

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If you are unsatisfied or frustrated in your intimate, erotic, or sexual relationships, it is possible that one key reason is that you are unable to step into a space of declaring your wants and needs to yourself and to your partners. Although it seems counter-intuitive, learning to ask for what you need often creates momentous shifts in how much pleasure, joy, and fulfillment you receive from yourself and from others. I can show you how to build on practices to get you what you want, in full integrity, with consent, and with the frequency you not only desire but deserve.

Exploring kinks, fetishes, and what arouses you

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Unfortunately many of us may live in a world where shame, judgement, and negativity keep us from experiencing the full opportunities that lie in celebrating pleasure. You may find you are curious about specific experiences, activities, and actions, but have no one to help you understand how those curiousities may hold wells of opportunity to expand and grow in both pleasure and empowerment. Working together I can guide you to understanding how to claim these components of your erotic and sexual life as yours, and how to immerse yourself into them in a way that honors you and delivers on those gifts that were meant for you to experience.

Releasing shame and embracing your life fully

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For many, shame is a fundamental part of sexuality. If you live in a conservative culture, identify as anything other than cis or hetersexual, or even just enjoy expressing your sexuality, you can often be the target of commentary, reactions, and even confrontations about who you are as a person in the world.

Standing strongly in your identity, orientation, and expression can result in powerful change in your life. Suddenly, by being able to look beyond others’ expectations, needs, and desires for you, you automatically become empowered.  And that empowerment can only become stronger as you step into who you are with greater commitment, confidence, and self-acceptance.

Learning more about sexual health and STI prevention

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For many, information on sexual health was obtained through the context of fear, shame, and intimidation. Sexual activity before marriage (even with only yourself) may have been shunned. Sexually-transmitted infections were described to you in a way that fostered fear and a desire to avoid sex altogether.

The truth is that not only is sex and sexuality part of life, but it is fundamental to many for true appreciation of life  and happiness. Healthy sexual relationships give us a more expansive understanding of how to connect with each other, helps us to feel safe and comfortable in vulnerability, and ultimatey for many, find true love.  

Together we can walk through sexual health and prevention to give you an honest, realistic, and thorough understanding of this fundamental component for your life. Free of bias, judgement, and influence, understanding sexual health and prevention from STIs and HIV can lower anxiety, help you make more realistic informed decisions, and enjoy your body more fully — the way it was meant to be.

Finding heart-centered erotic community

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For some, sexuality expands beyond the self and another or others. It extends to community. Celebrating eroticism, sexuality, and intimacy in a community of individuals who know how to practice consent, negotiate boundaries, and maintain connection can be a wonderful space for you if you seek it.

There are ways to explore these spaces, beginning with having a better understanding of your motivations, intentions, and purpose for these experiences. I can help you explore your options, determine spaces to consider, and connect to organizers of these spaces.

Negotiating open and non-traditional relationships

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Traditional coupling of two individuals in relationship is a wonderful way to grow as a person and with another. However, other configurations of relationship exist, and can be just as healthy and beneficial for those involved.

Whether labeled as “open,” “monagamish,” non-traditional,” “polyamorous,” or “non-traditional,” many people have found highly successful, satisfying, and fulfilling relationships with more than one person. If you have thought about such relationships, currently are part of one, or are evaluating your options,

I can support you and understanding some of the manifestations of this kind of relationship that exist.  We can explore your desires, intent, and purpose, and guide you to explore his dynamic with a better understanding of non-traditional relationships.

Discovering the potency of your erotic energy

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Erotic energy is potent. It is powerful. It can be a source of great healing. It can help you to expand your life experience, and feed your creativity. It can help you to understand yourself with greater depth and intensity, and it is your right.

I offer support, assistance, and guidance on how to understand erotic energy, how to “find it” in your mind, body and spirit, how to harness it, build on it, and use it to experience a more complete, fulfilling, and open life.

Creating relationships that work for you and your love

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Relationships are a fundamental part of many of our lives. They also, at times, can be challenging. As you progress in getting to know each other, developing intimacy and connection, possibly co-habitating, and entering into a commitment, working on key skills is critical. Learning how to communicate, how to be vulnerable, how to be authentic, and how to ask for what you want are skills that too few forget and never practice in fostering and strengthening their relationships.

I can provide you with assistance and support on how to strengthen those skills, locate resources, and work on your ability to stay centered in you while also building a loving relationship with another.

Transforming fear into joy and empowerment

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In many western cultures, we are taught to be ashamed of our bodies. Beyond that, we are often encouraged to believe that what we choose to do with our bodies is not our right. This leads many of us to be fearful of the physicality of who we are, and to hide and be shameful of the physiological essence of what we are in the world.

The journey from this fear and same to joy and empowerment can be long, but reaching a point of reclaiming what is yours is certainly possible. It begins with understanding our current relationship with our bodies, what stories or beliefs we carry about them, and how others feed those stories and beliefs. I am available to help you down the path to a better and more fulfilling relationship with your body.

My Approach & Values

I believe that it is our birth right to live an ecstatic life full of joy, fulfillment and happiness.

As men, we are often limited in our ability to express our sexuality, engage in deep intimacy, claim our identity, and choose who we want to love. In a world that tends to impress upon us that our sensual, vulnerable, authentic, and present selves is something to be ashamed of, suppressed, or at worst, denied, we owe it to ourselves to reclaim that power to enrich our path of existence.

Taking that journey and following that path to claiming pleasure for healing as well as expansion and empowerment as our birthright is the one thing above all we deserve to give ourselves. It frees us to be exactly who we were always meant to be.



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Kind Words from Past Clients

"Andrés took the time in our consultation to fully understand my experiences, and struggles, my likes, and dislikes, in order help me, moving forward. I am a health care professional, and I feel he asked all of the necessary questions one might need in order to provide recommendations of services so that healing will take place. Thank you!"

B.B., May 2017

"Andrés is a very caring tender person. I know I can trust my total being to his care. He is brilliant and challenges me spiritually and intellectually. Truly a gift to those of us who have the privilege of working with him."

G.C., November 2016

"There is nothing to fear in a session with Andrés. He is so easy and comfortable to be around! Brilliant at analyzing situations and providing short easy solutions to them, he will help you leave the session at peace with yourself and the world."

Anonymous, October 2016

"It was an amazing hour. Andrés not only is a very handsome man, but does a great job. He never lost focus for one minute. A very intense and enjoyable session."

M.Y., November 2016

"There is nothing to fear in a session with Andrés. He is so easy and comfortable to be around! Brilliant at analyzing situations and providing short easy solutions to them, he will help you leave the session at peace with yourself and the world."

Anonymous, October 2016

"You definitely provide me with what I need! You are amazingly intuitive in providing a self-awareness never before so focused. I only regret I am not speaking with you on a daily basis! "

Anonymous, October 2016

"Andrés is very thoughtful and he goes above and beyond to make his clients feel comfortable and honor their intentions. I highly recommend him for those that are new to these explorations as he will provide an environment where you will feel safe to explore. "

K.A.L., September 2016

"I think what you’re doing is very important. I’m becoming a mental health educator. I teach lots of powerful skills but I think perhaps the most important one may be to love ourselves. What you are teaching fits very nicely with that; at least it certainly does in my own experience. "

Webinar Participant, Anonymous, September 2016

"This webinar was absolutely lovely. Andrés' voice is so beautiful! He is also a remarkable presenter - his personal sharing about his eros definition and the images were particularly striking. It went deep for me, I loved it. My thought at the time was what a wonderful 'fit' it is that Andrés is working in the field he is. My message to him is: "How I experienced you - i.e. being yourself - was a sensual and delicious touch of eros. Thank you!" "

Webinar Participant, Anonymous, September 2016

"It takes a lot to impress me, and I was SO impressed with your artful, serene, and very effective manner of presentation and teaching! I don’t think that there was even one person in the group who did not benefit from it! The poems were well chosen. I am grateful to have been a participant!"

K.B., Webinar Participant, September 2016

"It was scary to confront some of my fears and wants. Andrés made me feel so safe! I could never do it otherwise! "

D.Q., September 2016

"I had a very good experience with Andrés, and I felt very relaxed in his care. I enjoyed the time, and I would recommend others to see him."

B.H., August 2016

"This was a most rewarding experience and one that I did not expect."

E.T., July 2016

My experience with Andrés was powerful and unique. He is skilled, friendly, and knowledgeable in his practice. I felt like he put everything he had into our session and was completely present throughout the 90 minutes. I left satisfied and peaceful. I will schedule another appointment when I am back in town.

D.M., May 2016

"I enjoyed the session very much. I always feel very relaxed afterward. It is a very safe environment where you can try new things."

F.C., April 2016

"AWESOME! Do not even begin to describe how I felt after the session. Highly recommended. :

J.M., January 2017

"My experience with Andrés was awesome! I entered with a quest for knowledge to enhance my intimate relationship with myself and my partner. Not only did Andrés have what I was looking for (including tools for me to explore on my own), his unique, personal insight was just what I needed. "

S.S., September 2017

"I’ve been thinking so much about the wonderful webinar you did. It was very useful to me…You have helped bring my practice to a new level, and you’ve brought new joy and enthusiasm into my life. Thank you very much for your inspiration and encouragement!"

G.J., June 2017

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